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Creating a consistent, captivating look that cuts through the digital disruption couldn’t be easier.

Turning lookers into loyal customers is easy with my pre-pay packages.

Only pay for what you need and stay in control of your budget.

Plan your shoots in advance and always have photos at your fingertips.

Interested in a photo shoot with me?

Here's which small businesses my shoots are for:

Professional service, product, health & wellness, creative, online, tourism, hospitality & food, retail and other small businesses & solopreneurs...

...who want branding, business & lifestyle photos that feel like them

without the stress of a traditional shoot.

- I like to keep it fun! -

Your Photo Shoot Options...

A great way to 'try me out' is to purchase a Single 2hr Digital Photo Shoot.

But the best way to experience my services is via one of my

limited Photo Shoot Subscriptions.

Every year Sweetshute releases only 25 Photo Subscriptions, which creates

an amazing community of small businesses.

Being part of this small community allows you to:

-  save $$, which is good for your budget.

- pay monthly which frees up your cash-flow, so no BIG payments to save for.

- plan your shoots way in advance, so no more last minute crazy planning.

- have a steady stream of photos to access, no more panic selfies or photos.

- have team access to your gallery, so you don't have to manage photo delivery.

- build a working relationship with your photographer, so you won't have to
start from square one at every shoot.

- be taken out for a 1-on-1 lunch with me every year you stay on your photo shoot subscription

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Need to add-on to a shoot?

There will be times you will either need an extra hour for your shoot


You'll want to add more people to your shoot


You'll want to print some of your photos on brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, etc.

Just click on your preference below:

When do I need to upgrade my license?

You need to upgrade your photo license when you want to print a photo from a shoot. Your 2-hr shoot only has a Digital license, which gives you only digital rights (you can only use Digital licensed photos on digital platforms, click here to find out more), you'll need to upgrade your license for EACH shoot that you want to print photos from.

You can read more about it here.

Client Love

At Sweetshute, I like to be really clear on the end-to-end process you will go through when you purchase a photo shoot.

So, you can get the most out of your time & investment with me. Below is an outline of the end-to-end process, so you know all of the steps and what to expect.

If you want to know more, please book a 15-min Discovery Call so I can take you through the experience in more detail.

Not sure which option to choose for your business?

Easy, just book your Free 15 min Discovery Phone Callwith me by clicking this link.

All shoots include:

- Each shoot is for an individual person. You can add more people in the 'add-on' section

- Shoot at your locations of choice - shop, office, kitchen, café, park, street etc - Adelaide & surrounds (various settings within those locations)

- All images recieve a basic edit are colour balanced & matched to create a cohesive look for your business brand

- Easy and stress-free process - a simple 5 question form; 20-30 min phone call prior to each shoot to talk props, story & style

- To make sure that your personality and business “vibe” shine through, we’ll chat story & photo content & props or products inclusion during pre-shoot call.

- Direction during shoot to make sure you look your best

- Images delivered via your own online viewing gallery, with extra photos available for purchase

(These sessions DO NOT include STYLED product photos, but CAN include lifestyle shots with products)

Fancy working together? Drop me a line...

If you have a question that you want answered please send me an email. I’ll respond once I am back in the office and can give you my full attention.


Schedule a Discovery Phone Call with me by clicking this link, you'll then be able to see available times in my schedule and be able to book a time that suits you...easy peasy!

BTW - my number is 0404556113, so when you see it pop up on your phone, you'll know it's me.

Sal x

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More info...

- Subscriptions are ongoing - for a minimum of 12 months

- Tentative date/time bookings made with me will be held for a maximum of 48 hrs. Pre-Payment of shoot will need to be made to secure the photo shoot booking.

- If payment is NOT finalised, the date/time will be available for others to book.

- A cancellation fee or rescheduling fee of $50 may be charged at my discretion.

- Travel - All travel costs to locations outside South Australia to be paid by client.

- Regional travel within SA - please contact me for a chat via Instagram DM, the contact form on this site

or call me on 0404556113