How to make a video story for your business in 6 easy steps

by Sally Badnall | 03 May, 2019

So you want to make a video for your social media?

Maybe you want to make more than one video; maybe you want to make a series of videos?

But where do you start? Glad you asked.

I know making videos can seem a bit daunting. But, hopefully, I’ll help take some of the anxiety away and get you on the road to making your own videos. Like anything, it’s always easier to start at the beginning and break it into bite-sized chunks.

5 Ways Product Stories Can Connect You with Your Customers

by Sally Badnall | 03 May, 2019

Connecting with your customers through photographs requires a lot more effort than just taking random, unplanned or semi planned photos of your products.

You’ll get better results when you take the time to get to know your customer & how they interact with your products. Because you will then be able to create visual stories (photos) around your products that your customer can relate to, connect with and understand.