Sally's Story

Can you tell I’m into a little glass of wine? 

I love where live. So close to vineyards, cellar doors, the beach is only 5 minutes away. I have so many amazing stories I could tell about living in such a beautiful place. Apart from wine, and my friends and family, I’m a sucker for storytelling so, let me tell you all about my story…

Now, it didn’t all begin on a cellar door adventure wine tasting… but wouldn’t that be a story! Sweetshute really began when I did a degree in film and TV, keen to learn the ropes of creating documentaries, studio-based shows, and corporate videos.  

Of course, back then I had no idea I’d end up as a personal brand & business photographer nestled here in McLaren Vale, just out of Adelaide, South Australia.

Cut to 20 years of hectic fun, working as a TV and video producer in Sydney and London - some snow there… but still no talking snowman, alas. With every scene I created, I was honing my skills working with different subjects, light, composition, structure and perspective. Right from the start, I was always focused on my audience and how to move them and really connect so they could feel the heart of whatever piece I was producing. 

And that’s what you get to benefit from today. I take you or your wonderful products (or both) and weave a magical story that tells of your brand, your business, what you stand for, and how you & your services or your product can change your buyer’s life. Like your own personal cellar door assistant, I help you guide you into weaving magic and story in your photos to help you strengthen a relationship with your customers!

Would you like to have a chat about how I can help tell your story through photos of you or your products?

I’d love to get to know you and create something that’s just perfect for your business.

xo Sal