I’m no ordinary product photographer.

I’m a stylist too.

It’s this combination of skills and artistry that allows me to articulate the emotion and benefits of your product in a gorgeously composed moment.

Capturing a moment that allures your buyer and brings them close

 just long enough to share the emotion and make them want more -

that's what photography is all about.

Paired with my creative approach to styling,

I help your customer step into the shot so they can imagine the possibilities of life with your product.

I believe in the importance of beauty & story

in all my photos.

The way I create both beauty & story in my photos is through simple styling within each frame;

crafting and shaping light to tell your story;

and designing ‘moments’ through props & styling that connect with your customers.

I love to play with light and props

curating each element to evoke a particular emotion.

Whether your vibe is dramatic and dark or light and fresh, I can adapt my style to suit your needs.

I work with businesses across Australia

(and everywhere else)

who need look-at-me visuals they can use across all their marketing channels.

Because I do both styling and photography, you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

I’ve got everything you need to create the striking images your product deserves.

Bang for buck

Don't worry - my packages make it easy to keep your costs under control

and  deliver bang for your buck.

Gorgeous visuals to give you growth

Eye catching product photos for your social media, website and product pages will attract more customers. Creating imagery for all those channels on your own can feel too hard when you’re busy trying to take your business to the next level. But without these visuals, you won’t get the growth you’re dreaming of.

All you have to do

is send me your products, complete my briefing questionnaire, add on any extras you might need for the shoot and I’ll take care of the props, styling and photos. When my images hit your inbox, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this earlier!

Ready to get your dream customers looking at what you’ve got? Let’s get moving!

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