Food Props - Add-on


Want to bring your products to life by showing them in a natural setting? Easy! Just select the type of food you want (fresh, pre-prepared or custom) and the amount that you want to spend – we’ll take care of the rest. I'll do the shopping and make sure that your photos are styled using food that will best show off your product and represent your product story.

If you want a particular type of food then choose the ‘custom’ option.

In the box provided in the CART page, tell us what type of food (including any specifics) you would like to see in your photos.

The minimum amount of this props package is $25, but you can purchase any multiple of this. So if you want to spend $50, then just select 2 as the quantity. Note that the whole amount you select here will be spent on food – there are no charges for shopping time or anything else!