Un-Styled Product Photos

Minimum Order - 10 x UnStyled Product Photos

$25 per photo | Minimum order $250 plus GST

You know what’s ‘groan-worthy’ about DIY product photos on white? The lighting setup & camera setup: its either too grey, too bright so your products are blown out (technical photographer talk), or your products don’t look quite like normal - they are fatter at the bottom or top, aren’t square, or various other things. And after hours (that you could use to do one of the other 100 things on your list – or get that pedicure) you end up with something that is, well, subpar. You’re not happy, but it will ‘just have to do’.

Well, let me tell you, that is no way to live my friends! Book that pedicure or massage and send me your products. The photos will be in your inbox in a flash and you’ll be feeling a whole lot better about life.

And if you want your photos to have a transparent or black background, just click the dropdown arrow for your background options.