Upgrade SM Starter to SM STAR

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  Upgrade from the Social Media Starter to Social Media STAR Photo Session
    Sometimes 1 x hour is just not enough time to:
  • get all the shots your want
  • to change clothes as many times as you want
  • to setup all 'scenes' you want
  • to feel relaxed and know you look the way you want to look

    I imagine if you're reading this right now, you've been wondering if 1 hour is really enough to get all the shots you want. So I'm curious, how long have you been thinking about doing a shoot, dreaming of it. And now that you are doing one, you're thinking about all of the extra shots you could get with another hour...and that it will cost less per photo.

    How much would those extra photos be worth to you once they've been shot and are sitting on your gallery waiting to be used.

    Knowing that for the next couple of months you've got photos ready and waiting to use on social media and everywhere else online.

    Take a breath, imagine the next 60 days and smile. You got this!

    Upgrade your shoot now