Upgrade SM Star to SM ROCKSTAR

    plus GST
    Upgrade from the Social Media Star Photo Session to the Social Media ROCKSTAR Photo Session
    Sometimes 2 x hours is just not enough time to:
  • you want to shoot in more locations
  • you want to have more changes of clothing
  • you want to include more complicated things like food and other people
  • you want to know you've done it right

    If you're reading this I'd imagine you've been thinking about all the photos you want and you've been thinking about being efficient in your busy - both with your time and your money.


    And the 3 hour ROCKSTAR shoot is definitely the most efficient way of getting your social media photos shot. Not only do you get 3 months worth of photos off your TO-DO list one go, but you also only have get organised for this once (or once ever 3 months).

    So, relax, smile and imagine the next 90 days photos all ready for you. 

    Upgrade your shoot now - and relax!